Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dialogue Workout 1

Photo by Xiang Li

A: Where is Mike?
B: He’s at home.
A: What’s he doing?
B: He’s studying.
A: What’s he studying?
B: He’s studying English.

A: Where are Tom and Mary?
B: They’re at school.
A: What are they doing?
B: They’re studying English.
A: When is their class?
B: It’s at 10:30.

A: Where are you going?
B: I’m going to the supermarket.
A: What are you buying?
B: I’m buying some groceries.
A: When are you coming back?
B: I’m coming back at 2 o’clock.

A: Where’s Pedro?
B: He’s .
A: What does he do?
B: He’s a carpenter.
A: When does he work?
B: He works from 9 o’clock to 5 o’clock.

A: How many children do you have?
B: I have two children.
A: How old are they?
B: My son is 6. My daughter is 3.
A: Does your son go to school?
B: Yes, he does. He’s in the first grade.

A: Does your daughter go to school?
B: No, she doesn’t.
A: Where is your daughter now?
B: She’s at home.
A: What’s she doing?
B: She’s playing with her dolls.

A: Where’s your son?
B: He’s at school.
A: What’s he doing?
B: He’s studying Math.
A: Does he like school?
B: Yes, he does. He likes it a lot.

A: How many brothers and sisters do you have?
B: I have two brothers and one sister.
A: What do they do?
B: They’re students.
A: Are they in school now?
B: Yes, they are. They’re in high school.

A: Where are Kathy and Bill?
B: They’re at work.
A: What do they do?
B: They’re police officers.
A: When do they work?
B: They work from 6 AM to 4 PM.

A: How many students do we have?
B: We have thirty six students.
A: What room are we in?
B: We’re in room 305.
A: What are we doing?
B: We’re listening to tapes.