Friday, January 23, 2009

Dialogue Workout 12

A: How much bread do we have?
B: We only have one loaf.
A: We have to go and buy more bread.
B: Why do we need more bread?
A: Don’t you remember? We have to make sandwiches.
B: That’s right! We’re going on a picnic tomorrow.
A: I don’t have enough milk for breakfast.
B: How much do you need?
A: I only have a cup, but I need a pint.
B: I can go to the store and buy some.
A: Do you have enough money?
B: Yes. I have a couple of dollars. That should be enough.
A: May I see the menu please?
B: Here you are. I’ll come back in a minute.
A: Where is our waitress? She’s gone.
B: May I take your order please?
A: There she is! Yes, I’ll have chicken.
B: Would you like soup or salad with that?
A: I’d like a salad.
B: What kind of dressing would you like?
A: I’d like oil and vinegar dressing.
B: Would you like baked potato or French fries?
A: I’d like French fries.
B: What would you like to drink?
A: I’d like a glass of iced tea.
B: I’ll bring your tea now.
A: Thank you. And could you bring more bread and butter?
B: Yes, certainly. I’ll be right back.
A: I like this restaurant very much.
B: So do I. I hope we can eat here again soon.
A: We’re out of lettuce. We need more.
B: Why do we need more lettuce?
A: We have to make sandwiches. Don’t forget.
B: That’s right. I’ll go to the corner and buy some.
A: Also, please buy some tomatoes.
B: Oh, no. We’re out of tomatoes too?
A: Our neighbor needs some sugar.
B: Why does she need sugar?
A: She’s out of sugar, and she’s making a cake.
B: No problem. We’ll give her a cup of sugar.
A: Are you sure we have some?
B: Yes, I’m sure we have lots of sugar.
A: Excuse me, please. Where’s the milk?
B: The dairy section, end of aisle 8.
A: And where can I find the tomatoes?
B: The produce section, over there.
A: And where can I find the salt?
B: You’ll find it in the middle of aisle 6.
A: I need some lettuce, but I can’t find it.
B: It’s usually in the produce section.
A: But, there isn’t any lettuce there now.
B: I guess we ran out of lettuce. Try again tomorrow.
A: I also need some tomatoes. I can’t find them either.
B: We ran out of them. We’ll have more tomorrow.
A: I tried to buy lettuce and tomatoes.
B: What happened? Why didn’t you buy them?
A: The store didn’t have any lettuce or tomatoes.
B: That’s too bad. Now, we can’t make sandwiches.
A: But I have good news, too.
B: You’re carrying a big bag of groceries.
A: Yes, I am. I have apples, oranges, a watermelon, and grapes.