Friday, January 23, 2009

Dialogue Workout 8

A: I’m calling about the apartment for rent.
B: Do you have any questions about it?
A: Yes. Is there a stove in the kitchen?
B: Yes, there is. It’s a new stove.
A: Is there a refrigerator?
B: Yes, there is. I bought it last year.
A: Do you have another question?
B: Yes. Are the utilities included in the rent?
A: No. You must pay for the gas and electric.
B: Must I pay for the garbage and water?
A: No. Those are included in the rent.
B: When can I see the apartment?
A: You can see the apartment right now.
B: Is your address 516 Valencia Street?
A: That’s correct. Are you driving?
B: No, I’m not. I’m walking.
A: Where are you walking from?
B: I’m at Mission and 22nd Street right now.
A: Hello?
B: I’m calling about the apartment for rent.
A: Do you have any questions about it?
B: Is it still available?
A: Yes, that apartment is still available.
B: I would like to take a look at it.
A: I’m happy to show it to you.
A: We’re looking for an apartment.
B: What area do you want to live in?
A: The Mission District is fine.
B: How many bedrooms do you need?
A: We need two or three bedrooms.
B: There’s a nice two bedroom apartment on 22nd Street
A: Are there closets in the bedrooms?
B: Yes, and those closets are large.
A: How many bathrooms are there?
B: There’s only one bathroom, but it’s very nice.
A: How much does it rent for?
B: It rents for six hundred a month.
A: My son is looking for an apartment.
B: How many bedrooms does he want?
A: He only needs one bedroom.
B: There’s a clean studio apartment on Valencia Street.
A: Are there any parking spaces?
B: No, there aren’t. But the buses come often.
A: I’m looking for an apartment.
B: What area are you interested in?
A: I want to live in the downtown area.
B: How many bedrooms do you need?
A: I need a two bedroom apartment.
B: There’s a two bedroom unit on Mission near Third.
A: Does it have a good view?
B: Yes. It’s on the third floor.
A: Does the building have an elevator?
B: Yes, it does. The elevator is new.
A: Is there any parking?
B: Yes. There are six parking spaces.
A: We like this apartment very much. We would like to rent it.
B: I need to see your references.
A: I’ll give you the name and number of my employer. How’s that?
B: Fine. I need the first and last month’s rent.
A: Do you need a cleaning deposit?
B: Yes. It’s $100. The cleaning deposit and the last month’s rent are refundable.