Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dialogue Workout 16

A: This is Doctor’s Clark’s Office.
B: I’d like to make an appointment .
A: What’s the problem?
B: I have a bad cough.
A: Can you come in on Friday at 2:00 PM?
B: 2:00 PM? That will be fine. Thank you.
A: I’d like to change my appointment.
B: When is your appointment.?
A: It’s on Friday at 2:00 PM.
B: I have an opening at 3:00 PM. Is that better?
A: Yes, that time is much better. Thank you.
B: We’ll see you here at 3:00 PM on Friday.
A: How may I help you?
B What do you recommend for a sore throat?
A: I recommend Cold Eze Throat Lozenges.
B: Where can I find them?
A: They’re in Aisle 3 on the top shelf.
B: I’ll try them and see if they work. Thank you.
A: What do you recommend for a bad headache?
B: I suggest you try Aleve. It’s good for pain.
A: Aleve? Where can I find it?
B: You can find it at any pharmacy.
A: Will they have it at Walgreen’s?
B: I’m sure they have it there. Walgreen’s isn’t far.
A: My brother has acid indigestion.
B: I recommend Tagamet . It’s very good for that.
A: Where can I purchase Tagamet?
B: It is sold at most drugstores.
A: Do they sell it at Rite Aide?
B: Yes, I’m sure Rite Aide will have it.
A: Doctor, what can I do for this cough?
B: You need cough syrup.
A: Cough syrup? What kind should I get?
B: I’m giving you a prescription.
A: How often should I take the cough syrup?
B: Take two teaspoons at bedtime.
A: Doctor, can you help me? I ‘m in a lot of pain.
B: You need effective pain medicine.
A: Pain medicine? What kind should I get?
B: I’m giving you a prescription.
A: How often should I take the medicine?
B: Take two capsules every four hours.
A: I’m calling about my pain medicine.
B: Yes, how can I help you?
A: The pharmacist won’t refill my prescription.
B: The doctor has to okay the refill. What’s your pharmacy’s phone number?
A: It’s 826 -5866.
B: The doctor will call the pharmacy today.
A: My ankle is swollen and it hurts.
B: We should take an X-Ray.
A: Why do I need an X-Ray?
B: An X-Ray will tell us if it’s broken or not.
A: What should I do now?
B: You must go to room !06 for the X-Ray.
A: Your ankle isn’t broken. Don’t worry.
B: What’s wrong with it?
A: It’s a sprained ankle. It’ll be better in two weeks.
B: What should I do?
A: Stay off it for a while. Use these crutches.