Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dialogue Workout 17

A: Hi, Mary. Why are you at the DMV?
B: I’m here to get my I.D. card.
A: What do you need to bring?
B: I need to bring my birth certificate.
A: Do you have to take a test?
B: No, I don’t. I only need to get my picture taken.
A: My friend Tom is getting his learner’s permit.
B: Does he have to take a test?
A: Yes, he does. He must take a written test.
B: Does he have to take a road test?
A: No. He’ll take the road test when he applies for his driver’s license.
A: Julie. What are you doing at the DMV?
B: I’m applying for my driver’s license.
A: Are you going to take the road test?
B: I already took it. And, I passed it.
A: Congratulations. What do you need to do now?
B: Now I need to get an eye test.
A: Are you applying for a learner’s permit?
B: Yes, I am. And I’m a little nervous?
A: Are you nervous about the written test?
B: Yes, I am. I hope I pass it.
A: If you don’t pass it, you can take it again.
B: I know I can. But I want my learner’s permit now.
A: I passed the written test.
B: That’s great. I’m glad you passed it.
A: Now, I need to learn how to drive.
B: I know how to drive. I can teach you.
A: You can teach me how to drive?
B: Yes, I can. It isn’t difficult.
A: Laura is going to teach me how to drive.
B: That’s great. She’s an excellent driver.
A: Yes. She knows how to drive very well.
B: You don’t know how to drive. That’s your problem.
A: I’m not worried. I’ll learn how to drive.
B: I’m glad Laura is going to teach you.
A: I passed the road test.
B: Now you have a driver’s license.
A: Yes. Now I need to buy a car.
B: What kind of car are you looking for?
A: I don’t want to buy an expensive car.
B: You should look in the want ads.
A: Dora is going to look for a used car.
B: Why does she want a used car?
A: She doesn’t want to buy an expensive one.
B: But used cars aren’t always good cars.
A: I know, but Dora can’t afford a new one.
B: A good used car is hard to find.
A: Manuel is applying for a Driver’s License.
B: He is? Is he a little nervous?
A: Yes, he is. He’s concerned about the road test.
B: I’m sure Manuel will pass it. He’s a good driver.
A: Yes. He knows how to drive very well.
B: He learned how to drive from Laura.
A: I bought a used car yesterday.
B: You did? How does it run?
A: It has some problems. The brakes aren’t good.
B: You need to talk to a good mechanic.
A: I don’t know any good mechanics. Do you?
B: Yes, my friend Al is a good mechanic.