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Grammartalk 9, Page 1 - Gerunds

I avoid driving downtown whenever I can.

A: Sylvia avoids driving downtown.
B: She doesn’t enjoy driving downtown? Why not?
A: She always has trouble finding a parking place.
B: I thought she was good at finding a parking place.
A: She’s good at finding a parking place, but she’s tired
of looking for one.
B: Personally, I can’t stand driving downtown.
A: You keep talking about the weather, and it’s boring.
B: I’m interested in learning more about the weather.
A: But, I’m tired of hearing about the weather all the time.
Can’t we change the subject?
B: I’m sorry, I can’t stop talking about the weather. I think
it’s going to rain tomorrow.
A: Instead of talking about the weather, let’s discuss
A: Did you hear about Spike? The police accused him
of robbing a jewelry store.
B: I’m sure he’s guilty of robbing it. He told me he was
planning on doing it.
A: He denied robbing the store, but they put him in jail
B: He probably misses being with his friends.
A: Yes, and he dislikes eating prison food.
B: Personally, I couldn’t stand being in jail.
A: He anticipates getting out of jail in a year.
B: I bet he’s looking forward to getting out.
A: He certainly is. He’s really tired of not being free.
B: He spends a lot time reading and writing so he can
pass his GED.
A: He also practices playing the guitar.
B: When he gets out, he won’t risk getting arrested again.
He’s going to obey the law.
A: His girlfriend Tina admitted helping him rob the
B: She was probably afraid of helping him.
A: Yes. And now she really regrets driving the car.
B: I thought she didn’t believe in committing crimes.
A: The problem is, she can’t help loving Spike.
B: But, her parents told her she must quit seeing him.
A: Why do you insist on talking about politics?
B: I can’t have a conversation without talking about
politics. It’s so interesting.
A: But, it’s boring. You have a one track mind. Would you
mind changing the subject?
B: But I don’t complain about listening to your small talk.
A: I apologize for talking about small matters.
B: Thank you for apologizing. Now, let’s discuss the
recent election.
A: Do you like to watch TV?
B: Yes, I enjoy watching TV. Watching TV is my favorite
way to relax.
A: I’m tired of watching TV all the time.
B: Is that why you avoid watching TV after work?
A: Yes, I can’t stand hearing the TV on all the time.
B: I’m excited about seeing the movie on Channel 9.
A: Do you and your friends like to dance?
B: Yes, we enjoy dancing. Dancing is our favorite
A: I practice dancing every day, but I’m still not a good
B: I think you’re capable of being a great dancer.
A: Thank you for encouraging me.
B: Keep on dancing even though you’re frustrated.
A: I’m sure you’ll enjoy working at The Big Name.
B: Yes. I’m looking forward to serving the customers.
A: You’re also responsible for sweeping the floor.
B: Nobody told me that. I object to sweeping the floor. I’m
a salesperson, not a janitor.
A: Aren’t you proud of working at The Big Name?
B: I thought I was in charge of selling clothes on this floor,
not sweeping it.
A: I sometimes dream about becoming an acrobat.
B: You really want to risk walking on a thin rope?
A: I’m excited about performing in a circus.
B: You should quit thinking about doing that.
A: You can’t prevent me from dreaming about it.
B: I would worry about walking on a tight rope if I were

Grammartalk 9, Page 2 - Gerunds Continued

A: Does Michael like to visit his mother-in-law?
B: No, he can’t stand visiting her.
A: Why does he worry about visiting her? She’s very
B: He hates seeing his mother-in-law’s four cats.
A: Why does he object to being around her cats?
B: Whenever he sees them, he starts sneezing.
A: Michael isn’t accustomed to being around cats.
B: Is that why he can’t help coughing and sneezing?
A: Yes. He should plan on getting an allergy test.
B: If he isn’t used to being around cats, he should get a
A: Then, he won’t ever be able to stop sneezing.
B: True, but he can’t avoid visiting his mother-in-law
A: I can’t imagine buying an old house.
B: Why not? We’re considering buying the house at 320
Sycamore Street.
A: But, I’m not accustomed to painting and decorating.
B: Once you practice painting, you’ll find it’s not too
A: Painting and redecorating are very time consuming.
B: It’s true. Once you start painting, you have to finish
painting. You can’t stop painting.
A: How did you learn to swim so well?
B: Well, I started swimming when I was young.
A: I envy you. Personally, I’m afraid of swimming.
B: If you’re used to swimming, you stop being afraid of it.
A: I would like to practice swimming a few times.
B: Good. Don’t risk swimming in deep water at first.
A: How did you learn to use a computer so well?
B: I practiced using a computer a lot in college.
A: So now you’re used to working with the computer.
B: I’m excited about using my computer all the time.
A: You never get tired of sitting at the computer?
B: No. Besides, I’m responsible for writing web pages.
It’s my job.
A: I believe in working overtime. That’s why I don’t
quit working at 5 o’clock.
B: I don’t blame you for working hard. You need the
A: I’m not concerned about getting home late.
B: Don’t you have trouble falling to sleep at night?
A: I never think about falling to sleep. It just happens.
B: How would you feel about starting early tomorrow?
A: Starting early doesn’t bother me. What time?
B: 7:30 AM. You’re in charge of opening the office.
A: I will plan on being here at 7:30 AM sharp.
B: All right. You’re responsible for making sure the
computers are turned on.
A: Don’t worry. I’m very good at taking care of details.
B: You’re right. You’re very capable of doing excellent
A: How long have you been thinking about getting
B: Well, I considered getting married years ago, but I
never did.
A: Getting married is a wonderful idea.
B: I was worried about getting married because I was
worried about money.
A: Don’t be afraid of not having money. It all works out.
B: Also, I’m accustomed to living by myself.
A: I have a new cat. Her name is Sally.
B: Great news. You hesitated getting a cat for a long time.
A: Sally keeps on jumping on my lap.
B: That’s probably because she loves sitting on you.
A: She can’t help licking my hands and face.
B: I envy you. You should be proud of having a beautiful
new cat.
A: Sally taught me how to stop sneezing.
A: I decided to postpone starting my own business.
B: But, starting your own business is a great idea.
A: I’m having trouble giving a name to the new store.
B: I suggest naming it the Saver Store.
A: Why do you insist on calling it that? Do you think
people will save money at my store?
B: Yes, and I’m sure they won’t mind saving money!