Monday, October 19, 2009

Grammartalk 12, Page 1 - Two Word (Phrasal) Verbs.

"Butterfly" by Andy Warhol

A: When are you going to fill out those job applications?
B: I’ll fill them out tomorrow.
A: You should do this one over. There are several
B: All right. I’ll do it over now.
A: When will you hand them in to the employers?
B: I don’t have to hand them in until next week.
A: When do you drop off your children?
B: I drop them off at 8:00 am every morning.
A: When do you pick them up?
B: I pick them up at 3:45 pm every afternoon.
A: Do your children get along with their classmates
and teachers?
B: Yes, they do. I’m glad I didn’t take them out of that
A: Have you heard from Bob recently?
B: No, he hasn’t called me up in a long time.
A: Someone told me he moved out of his apartment.
B: Did you look up his new phone number?
A: I tried to look it up, but it wasn’t listed.
B: I hope we hear from him soon.
A: I have to throw out these old newspapers.
B: Yes, you should throw them out right away.
A: I also need to take back my library books.
B: Yes, they’re due. You ought to take them back now.
A: I’m giving back those tools I borrowed.
B: Yes, thank you for giving them back. I need them.
A: I ran into Sally yesterday afternoon.
B: Oh, really? Where did you run into her?
A: On Mission Street. She was getting off the bus.
B: What were you doing? Getting on the bus?
A: No, I was getting out of my car.
B: I should call on Sally sometime. I like Sally.
A: Our neighbors won’t turn down their stereo.
B: I know. It’s very annoying. Why won’t they turn it
A: Actually, I think they just turned it up. It’s louder.
B: It’s after 11:00. They really should turn it off.
A: I’m going to call them now and tell them off.
B: Don’t. They’re big guys. They might beat us up.
A: Put on your sweater. It’s very cold.
B: I don’t want to put it on. I don’t feel that cold.
A: I don’t know why you took it off.
B: I took it off because it’s worn out.
A: How did you wear out your sweater? Did you work
out in it?
B: Check out these sleeves. You see these holes?
A: Where can I hang up my hat and coat?
B: You can hang them up in the closet next to mine.
A: Where should I put away these tools?
B: Put them away in the plastic box in the basement.
A: Should I throw out these old magazines?
B: Yes, but don’t put them in the garbage. Recycle
A: I forgot to write down Mrs. Parker’s phone number.
B: You can look it up in the phone book.
A: She offered me a job last week. I thought it over.
B: What did you decide?
A: It’s definitely better than my current job.
B: Take the phone book out of the drawer now and
call her up.
A: We used up all of our toothpaste.
B: I didn’t know we used it all up.
A: That’s okay. I never cared for that toothpaste.
B: Let’s go to the drugstore and pick out a different
A: Did you know that they ran out of my favorite
B: I didn’t know they ran out of it. Why bring up the
subject of toothpaste now? We have more important
things to think about.

Grammartalk 12, Page 2. Two Word or Phasal Verbs.

"Campbell's Soup" by Andy Warhol

A: I can’t figure out this telephone bill.
B: Why can’t you figure it out?
A: There are some calls to out of state numbers.
B: I never called anyone out of state.
A: We need to get in touch with the phone company.
B: Yes, but can’t we put this off until tomorrow?
A: I’d like to try on those shoes. I wear size 8.
B: Sure. You can try them on. How do they fit?
A: They don’t feel right. You can bring them back
where you got them.
B: I’ll put them back, but you have to take them off
A: I’d like to look through these shirts first.
B: All right, but don’t forget to give back those shoes.
A: I’ve decided to give up smoking.
B: It’s a good idea to give up that habit.
A: I didn’t use up all these cigarettes.
B: No problem. You can just throw them away.
A: I’m going to find out what kind of damage smoking
can cause.
B: There’s a lot of information about that in the library.
A: The party is over. It’s time to take down the
B: Some of them are on the ceiling. We’ll need the
A: I’ll take the ladder out of the closet and bring it here.
B: Where should we put these decorations away?
A: You can put them away in these plastic container.
B: This lantern is torn. We might as well throw it out.
A: Doris, nice of you to drop by. Come in and have
some tea.
B: I was in the neighborhood and decided to drop in.
A: I’m glad you did. Give me your jacket. I’ll hang it up.
B: Can I put down these shopping bags somewhere?
A: Sure. Put them down by the front door.
B: I wanted to invite you to come over next Friday
night if you have time.
A: May I take back the shoes I bought last week?
B: Sure. Just bring them back within ten days of your
A: I picked them up about a week ago.
B: Good. Bring them in, and we’ll give you your
money back.
A: I’d like to try on another pair.
B: That’s fine. You might be able to pick out
something you like better.
A: Did you hear? The Parkers called off their
daughter’s wedding.
B: Why what happened?
A: You didn’t know? The groom got cold feet.
B: What does that mean, “He got cold feet?”
A: He decided not to go through with the wedding.
B: I’m really sorry the wedding was called off.
A: You’ll never guess who I ran into yesterday.
B: I can’t possibly guess. You’ll have to tell me.
A: I ran into my old college professor, Dr. Hernandez.
B: Oh, that’s wonderful. I really look up to her. She
helped me a lot in college.
A: She wasn’t feeling too well. She had a little cold.
B: A cold? I certainly hope she gets over it soon.
A: Timmy doesn’t get along with his sister very well.
B: Oh, really? Why doesn’t he get along with her?
A: She picks on him too much. He can’t stand it.
B: What are their parents doing about the problem?
A: They’re looking through some books on child
B: I’m sure those kids will grow out of it. It’s just a
A: The teacher says I have to do over my homework.
B: Do it over? That’s going to take a lot out of you.
A: Yes, it is. She crossed out several mistakes.
B: I would help you, but I have a slight headache.
A: I thought you said you got over it yesterday.
B: I did get over it. But, then it came back last night.
I’d better take the rest of the day off